Patient Reviews

Patients rate us the Best Dentist in Columbus!

Angela Alston

“This is the best dental office I’ve ever been to. The wait time is very minimal, things are explained, and the thoroughness of the cleaning meets my expectations. The staff is friendly and the environment is very professional.”

—Angela Alston
Richard Klempay

“How do you improve upon perfection? Don’t even try! We switched our entire family to your care and it has been the best move we’ve ever made. The quality of care has been considerably beyond our expectations.”

—Richard Klempay
Wendi Bootes

“I was unsure how my two children would do during their check-ups w/out me right by their sides, but the hygienists made them feel very comfortable so they didn’t even need me! I was also very pleasantly surprised that we all finished at approximately the same time. My son is already asking when we can go back to the dentist!! Thank you!”

—Wendi Bootes
Gretchen Gombos

The best thing about The Gentle Dentist is how friendly all of the doctors and staff are. From the time you set up your appointment on the phone till you walk out the door after your appointment the staff is always friendly and helpful.”

—Gretchen Gombos
Janis Bond

I loooove the Gentle Dentist! I had to bring my son along with me, so it was great to know that he was close to me, safe, and able to have fun during my visit. Such a plus! I have never had better dental service! Not to mention your staff is punctual and polite!”

—Janis Bond
Thomas Bateman

“Dr. Fox is the third dentist I’ve seen since moving here and the only one I’ve seen twice. I’m beginning to develop a level of trust with her that I had with my previous dentist. That trust is not granted easily, which is a testament to her good practice.”

—Thomas Bateman
Bob Taylor

“I love you guys - can’t imagine going anywhere else. I actually enjoy going to the dentist now.”

—Bob Taylor
Judith Watts

“What do I like best? Everyone who works with me has taken great pains (no pun intended) to make me comfortable and not to hurt me. It may sound childish, but it has made me a loyal patient.”

—Judith Watts
Breanna Beck

“Every visit I have had to the dentist at the Gentle Dentist has been a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend your services to friends and family! Thank you for going above and beyond.”

—Breanna Beck
Chris Parrott

“All of the people are VERY friendly and great at what they do. The best part is that everyone lives up to the office’s nameGentle. EVERYONE at the Gentle Dentist makes sure I am comfortable the entire time I’m there.”

—Chris Parrott
Amy Graham

You are always punctual and explain procedures and our children’s development so well. Thank you for taking such good care of our family!”

—Amy Graham
David Redelberger

On time every time & that is HUGE!!!”

—David Redelberger
Kendy Miller

I choose the Gentle Dentist because it is just that—gentle! I have sensitive teeth and gums and the staff always takes good care to ensure I am not in any discomfort during my procedure. They also make sure to explain the procedure clearly to me while I am there. I appreciate your staff is warm and friendly when I arrive for my visit.”

—Kendy Miller
Emily Lazar

“I was VERY impressed with how well the staff handled Isabelle (just shy of 3 years old) on her first visit to the dentist. Thank you very much for making my daughter’s first visit one that was enjoyable and comfortable!”

—Emily Lazar
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Get your New Patient Gift
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Exceptional Dental Care, exceptionally prompt

We make it easy to visit The Gentle Dentist. We offer more available appointment times than any other dental practice in Central Ohio, and we run on time-to the minute! Because we have full time dentists and a dedicated team of gentle dental hygienists, up to five or six family members can be seen at the same time. Your entire family can be in and out of the dentist in about an hour!