Your child deserves a Gentle Dentist

When adults are afraid of the dentist, it is usually because they had a bad experience in the dentist's chair as a child. At The Gentle Dentist, we know how important it is for children to develop good oral hygiene habits at an early age. So our approach to children's dentistry is designed to make your child's dental experience fun!

Starting a life-time of good dental care

We use a wide range of child-friendly techniques, and your child can even watch cartoons during his or her appointment to relieve any anxiety associated with the visit. When your child looks forward to coming to the dentist, he or she will be on the right path to a lifetime of good oral heath!

The Gentle Dentist Smile Club
The Gentle Dentist Smile Club
The Gentle Dentist's Smile Club is our way of helping our youngest patients (and their parents) take care of their smiles!

Free introductory "Happy Visit"
Smile Club Passbook with Stickers
Parent's Smile Club Care Guide
A Smile Club balloon with every visit
Earn Smile Club regular visit prizes!

For Kids No-Charge HAPPY VISITS!
Mon-Thurs 7am-7pm
8am-2pm Fridays

Children’s Gentle Dentistry

We specialize in helping children feel comfortable with the dentist. And we work to meet the needs of busy families like yours, from flexible scheduling to our comfortable and engaging Children's Playroom Waiting Area. Because we have full time dentists, all committed to the gentlest possible care for our youngest patients, you can even schedule every family member's appointment at the same time, and your whole family can be in and out of the dentist in about an hour! 

Beginning a lifetime of good dental health

Children’s Dentistry

For good dental health, The Gentle Dentist recommends that parents brush their children’s teeth—kids don’t have the dexterity to complete this task until age seven or eight. Don’t let your child take a bottle to bed (other than water) or sip on sugary liquids throughout the day.

Our kid-friendly Playroom Waiting Area

Children’s Dentistry

If you need to bring your child with you to your dental appointment, he or she will love our Playroom Waiting Area. We offer movies, games, and other toys for all ages to keep your child happily entertained while you're in the dentist's chair.

Preventing cavities before they can start

Children’s Dentistry

With the fluoride in our water and home use of a fluoride rinse, teeth decay is very rare in children today. In those instance where The Gentle Dentist does need to 'chase away a cavity creep,' our talented children's dentists use 'happy air' to give the tooth some 'sleepy juice' for a pain-free process. We use filing materials that release fluoride to help prevent further decay around the filling, and we top the filling off with a beautiful white star that looks just like part of the tooth.

Schedule your child’s appointment today!

When it comes to children's dentistry, no one takes better care of your child than The Gentle Dentist. Contact us to make an appointment for your child today. Once she meets The Gentle Dentist, she'll be looking forward to her next trip to the dentist's chair!

Emily Lazar

“I was VERY impressed with how well the staff handled Isabelle (just shy of 3 years old) on her first visit to the dentist. Thank you very much for making my daughter’s first visit one that was enjoyable and comfortable!”

—Emily Lazar
For Kids No-Charge HAPPY VISITS!
Mon-Thurs 7am-7pm
8am-2pm Fridays

No-charge Introductory Happy Visits

No-Charge Happy Visits for Children

The Gentle Dentist recommends bringing your child to the dentist for the first time when he or she is three years old. We offer a free Happy Visit to get your child familiar and comfortable with the dentist. During this Happy Visit, we introduce your child to all the exciting things at the dentist's office:

Mr. Thirsty

Your child will love 'Mr. Thirsty' (the suction straw) and will be amazed when the 'water squirt gun' changes into the 'blow dryer.'

Mr. Sunshine

Children enjoy taking a ride in the chair and donning sunglasses so 'Mr. Sunshine' (the light) isn't too bright for their eyes.

Tooth Counter

We'll use our 'tooth counter' to count (clean) your child's teeth and show off the soft, rubber tooth polisher.

Fun Flavors

Your child can choose from a wide variety of toothpaste and fluoride flavors including orange, berry, grape, mint, cinnamon, and even cookie dough.

Balloons and Prizes

At the end of the visit, your child will visit the 'prize tooth' where she'll receive a balloon and a coupon to take Mommy and Daddy out for ice cream at Graeters!

How can we make you Smile today?

Our mission at The Gentle Dentist is to put a smile on every face. We do it with the most gentle, best quality dental services in the Columbus, Ohio, area combined with unparalleled convenience and extraordinary customer service. Try the Gentle Dentist. And discover countless reasons to smile.