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The Gentle Dentist COVID-19 Protocols

Important Message to Our Patients

We are all being affected in unprecedented ways by the events surrounding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. We at The Gentle Dentist want to inform you of the many steps we are now taking at our dental practice to serve you best, and to ensure optimal levels of health and safety for you as we all navigate this situation together. Since the news and developments regarding COVID-19 are changing very rapidly, this information may be updated. We are committed to serving you and your family and are fully committed to minimizing risks to you, our staff, as well as all our families and loved ones.

If you prefer, download and print COVID -19 Office Protocols

COVID-19 Office Protocols - as of May 4, 2020

Effective immediately, the following conditions and protocols are in place at
The Gentle Dentist (Coulman Dental) of Ohio:

1 - Practice Hours

Until otherwise stated, we are currently OPEN for business, with our standard operating hours. Any potential adjustments of hours we are open will be communicated as necessary and without delay. Existing patients and new patients are welcome, as long as they are free of any symptoms of illness.

2 - “Car-to-Chair” Service

When you arrive for your scheduled appointments, we kindly request that you wait in your car and WALK IN at the EXACT appointment time. To avoid having patients and companions waiting together in our reception area, we will meet you at the front entrance and escort you to your treatment room and chair where the entire area has been completely disinfected and ready for you...or to ask that you wait in the comfort of your car or outside until your chair is ready. Once ready, we will escort you straight back to your chair with no waiting inside our office.

NOTE: We are also allowing a little extra time between appointments to minimize waiting times and allow for extra infection control measures.

3 - Sterilization

Our STANDARD sterilization and infection control practices already exceed all state and federal guidelines, including the elimination of all infectious viruses and bacteria. We are taking extra measures to protect you, including “double wiping” treatment areas and common countertops, doors and restrooms after each patient, and hourly regardless of patient volume. We are also minimizing any potential aerosol creation during dental treatment, including using little to no ultrasonic cleaning during hygiene visits. Our dental masks offer extremely high levels of protection against the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses.

4 - Patient Precautions

Other precautionary measures include instructing all patients to wash their hands upon entering the office. Also, a team member will take your temperature (100.4 is our limit) and you will be asked to rinse with Listerine or Peroxide before your cleaning and/or treatment.

We have removed all magazines from office to prevent the spreading of germs. Hand sanitizer and anti- bacterial soap are abundant throughout our office.

5 - Symptoms

If you or someone in your family is currently or has experienced ANY symptoms of illness (including fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms) during the last 14 days before your scheduled appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. We will happily reschedule your appointment to a future date at least two weeks after your latest reported date of being symptom-free.

You will incur no additional costs or fees due to any rescheduling as a result of your health conditions.

6 - Self-Quarantine

If you are advised by a health care professional to “self-quarantine” yourself due to recent travel OR potential exposure to COVID-19, OR others who have had potential exposure to the virus, please notify us as soon as possible. We will happily reschedule your appointment to a future date at least one week after the end date of your self-quarantine period.

You will incur no additional costs or fees due to rescheduling as a result of a self-quarantine situation.

7 - Our Staff Health Monitoring

Our entire staff are under strict orders to monitor our own health and any potential symptoms of illness. In the event that anyone from our staff experiences any symptoms of illness, each affected person must self-quarantine away from the office for a period of at least 2 weeks after the latest reported date of being symptom-free. NOTE: Our schedule may need to be adjusted according to available doctor and/or team members if this situation arises.

8 - New Patient Referrals

The Gentle Dentist welcomes new patients. If you happen to know of any family members, friends, co- workers or neighbors who are unable to see their own dentist because of limited availability, AND they have been symptom-free for at least 2 weeks, we would be happy to see them for any necessary or requested treatment in our office, subject to appointment availability. Our purpose here is to serve others who may be in need of care.

Thank you for trusting The Gentle Dentist with your dental care.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.