Our Services: Filling & Crowns

Gentle Fillings and Crowns for saving and restoring damaged teeth.

Minor tooth fractures, tooth decay, and tooth damage can often be repaired with a dental filling. A dental crown may be necessary if a tooth has more severe damage. At The Gentle Dentist, we make it painless and convenient to receive dental fillings and crowns when you need them. Our extensive appointment hours, gentle approach to dentistry, and technology advanced one-day crown service will have your teeth feeling better and your mouth smiling in no time.

One-Day Crowns:

Dental crowns cover teeth to help restore them to their normal shape and size. At The Gentle Dentist, we use the latest technology to complete dental crowns in just one day. You are in the office a little longer than if the crown was made at a laboratory, but you get your crown in one visit and there is no temporary crown to worry about.

Dental Fillings:

At The Gentle Dentist, we complete dental fillings to repair cavities and other damage to teeth. Dental fillings can also reduce teeth sensitivity caused by enamel loss. We can provide the traditional, less expensive silver fillings or we can do beautiful, tooth colored white fillings that now last almost as long as a silver filling.

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“All of the people are VERY friendly and great at what they do. The best part is that everyone lives up to the office's name - Gentle. EVERYONE at the Gentle Dentist makes sure I am comfortable the entire time I'm there .”–Chris Parrott